Final - Playcon 2022 - Malta Royale ft. Fortnite

1 1st Place crazyу
2 2nd Place Valid Leyton
3 3rd Place inv neške
4 4th Place Maxik
5 5th Place Flix
6 6th Place Shud
7 7th Place Invictus Leeeeon
8 8th Place Kay07
9 9th Place Xerox
10 10th Place EnJer 99
11 11th Place MrFrankinatorTTV
12 12th Place Twitch Haap0y
13 13th Place Nakz
14 14th Place akustoo
15 15th Place Jampy
16 16th Place lixner
17 17th Place Zenetti Klean
18 18th Place GokkuWannabe
19 19th Place Colin.R
20 20th Place Theo.the.cheese
21 21st Place ツ NEIN DIGGA ツ
22 22nd Place Axility
23 23rd Place teddybear matt
24 24th Place Twitch GrizzEu
25 25th Place Ra1ny
26 26th Place vctry elisa
27 27th Place Deyan
28 28th Place Sluzzy
29 29th Place AvukatGawdenz
30 30th Place Luai
31 31st Place Nobsy
32 32nd Place XDTWAIN150
33 33rd Place Lokie
34 34th Place Astr0fy
35 35th Place Original Tribrid
36 36th Place Matty
37 37th Place Drinsco
38 38th Place Nitro
39 39th Place Woke
40 40th Place rift
41 41st Place HaVoC_JAMIE
42 42nd Place Tropics
43 43rd Place Jake.
44 44th Place Ghostt
45 45th Place galletta

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