Red Bull Strijders // Online Series - Rocket League - Qualifier 3


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Get ready for the Rocket League 2v2 tournament in the Red Bull Strijders // Online Series.



Tournament Format


16 teams of 2 players each will be split into 4 groups where they will face each other once in a round robin format. The top team from each group will face each other in another group where the top 2 teams will advance to the Finals


It is the responsibility of the players to keep input scores on the website and provide proof of results once the match has ended.


Three points will be awarded for a win, and zero points for a loss in the group stage. In the event of ties in point standings, the following sequence will be used to determine who advances to the elimination stage:

  1. Points earned from matches won. 
  2. Result of head to head game. 
  3. The number of goals scored. 
  4. Round difference: Total net score for tournament games. Net score = rounds won, less rounds lost. 
  5. If two players are still tied, a match will be played with the same rules.


The top 4 teams from Qualifier 1 together with the top 2 teams from Qualifier 2 and Qualifier 3 will advance to the Finals where they will face each other in a single-elimination tournament played in a studio setup having matches broadcasted online.


The date of the Offline Finals will be communicated to the Qualified players later on.


The winner from the Final tournament will take home €300.


Discord Link


For any queries please join our discord server and post in the related game channel. Updates will be posted continuously on Discord and one must make sure to be present on the channel during the tournament since it will be the main source of communication if you have any problems -

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