EEG 5v5 SnD Tournament #1


This tournament is open to EU players only.


1 - 32 Teams Single Elimination, Best out of 3 match.


All matches must be played on an EU server.


Round of 32: Arklov SnD, Gun Runner SnD, Rammaza SnD.

Round of 16: St Petrograd SnD, Arklov SnD, Hackney Yard SnD.

Round of 8: Gun Runner SnD, Rammaza SnD, St Petrograd SnD.

Semi-Finals: Hackney Yard SnD, Gun Runner SnD, Rammaza SnD

Final: St Petrograd SnD, Rammaza SnD, Gun Runner SnD


The following settings are the only settings that need to be changed. 


Round time limit: Default 2 Minutes 
Round Switch: Every Round

Defuse time: 7.5 Seconds
Silent Plant: Enabled
Reset Plant/Defuse Progress: Enabled
Friendly fire: Enabled
Team kill punishment: Disabled
Weapon ping on minimap: Enabled


The below items are banned.


Primary Weapons
Riot Shield
All shotguns
All Marksman Rifles

Secondary Weapons
All launchers

Muzzle: CQB Breacher Device
Underbarrel: 12 Gauge Deputy and all M203s 
Weapon Perks: Fast Melee, Recon, Frangible Wounding, Heavy Hitter, Mo’ Money, Frangible-Disabling, and Burst Fire.
Ammunition: Snake Shot - Effective 10PM EDT 10/25/19

Proximity Mine
Throwing Knife
Gas Bomb
Snapshot Grenade
Heartbeat Sensors

Perk 1
Quick Fix

Perk 2
High Alert
Perk 3
Field Orders
Recon Drone
Stopping Power
Deployable Cover
Tactical Insertion
EMP Drone
Weapon Drop

Snaking is banned for all of Modern Warfare
DEFINITION OF SNAKING: Form of movement where the player goes in and out of prone rapidly and repeatedly to make it extremely difficult for opposing players to shoot them. This will be at the admin's discretion to issue a forfeit of the map or issue a replay of the round. If you believe your opponent to be snaking, you must play out your match to completion and then submit proof at the end for our admins to review.


If in case of a double-elimination bracket, the team coming through the Losers Bracket need to win 2 games.


All matches should be played using Custom Games (Private Match) following the hosting format displayed on the match page.

The team that is not hosting will pick which side to play on.

The hosting team is responsible for ensuring all settings are correct prior to launching the map. Hosting incorrect settings will result in a forfeit of that map.

The hosting team may not drop host at any point during the match. Dropping host during or after a maps completion will result in a forfeit of that map.

Delay Between Maps

Teams may not delay the match for more than 7 minutes between each map.

Team Switching

Team changing in-game is not allowed. If a player joins the wrong team upon launch, the map will be restarted. Abuse of this rule will result in a forfeit. If a player changes teams after the first kill, the offending team will forfeit the map.

Tie Game

If a map results in a tie, the map will be replayed with the same sides and settings.


Match score can be reported by clicking on the Report button shown at match page. Please make sure that you are logged in to be able to see this button. Also note that this button is visible only to the leader of the team.

Lag Issue

If there is a lag issue before 30 seconds, please leave the game and request a host change.

If there is a lag issue after the 30 seconds, please finish out the map and request a host change after the map. The score will stand.

Teams are entitled to try the host in a free for all match before playing the map.  


Games must be restarted if a Player disconnects in the first 30 seconds and/or before the first kill

If a Player disconnects after the first 30 seconds and/or after the first kill, the map must be continued. The missing player may be reinvited to the game. The team with the missing player may not leave the game at the conclusion of the round that the disconnect occurred. If a team fully leaves the game due to a player disconnecting they will forfeit the map in question.

No Shows

All no shows must be reported on website with clear proof that the opponent didn't add you. The No Show grace period time is 15 minutes after the match's original start time. For example, if a match is scheduled for 10:00 PM, the no show time for this match would be 10:15 PM. It is important to contact the tournament official after posting a no show on the website.  In order to contact a Tournament Official use our discord server or Twitter: @Gamerscommt

Time Limit

Both players must report the match results within 10 minutes of its completion. Failure to report the match results on time or respond to any messages that you receive from a tournament official may result in you receiving the loss. 


Breaking any rule and any form of cheating, glitching, abusing in-game mechanics, or unsportsmanlike behavior may result in a forfeit of a game, match, or ban from leagues. Cheating, glitching, and abusing in-game mechanics accusations must be verified by a tournament official. Punishable unsportsmanlike behavior includes, but is not limited to, excessive use of foul or degrading language. For all cheating claims, the burden of proof is on the accuser.


We highly recommend that proof is taken with the console's built in recording system to gather proof. We suggest that you take a video or screenshot(s) of each game’s results in case proof is needed for a dispute. All proof should be clearly visible and contain the players names', if they are dead, and their number of kills.


All players must act professional and display good sportsmanship throughout the league. This includes all forms of communication such as discord, in-game chat, etc.

Acts of racism, sexism or others forms of discrimination will not be tolerated.


Player may get a warning if he does any of the following:

  • Refusal to follow the instructions of any game administrator.

  • Using foul language and/or displaying poor behavior.

  • Behaving in an unsportsmanlike manner.


A player may be disqualified for one of the following:

  • Getting more than one warning.

  • Any act of intimidation, bullying, or violence (physical or verbal) against participants, observers or game administrators.

  • Using cheats or other unfair gaming tactics (i.e. interruption of opponent, physical blocking, exploits, cheat codes, etc.).

  • Misleading a judge in any way, including falsification of identification documents for country or age.

  • Changing the roster without notifiying an admin after brackets are generated. 

  • Exploiting any bugs that clearly alter the game's functionality.

  • Teams can only change rosters a minimum of 6 hours before the match when roster lock is open. 



For any inquiries please join our discord server:


These rules are subject to change if necessary, and GMR administrators reserve the right to make additional decisions outside the defined ruleset if necessary.

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