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Visionary Iron Team will be organizing the first episode of the Malta Tekken League.


The league will consist of a number of tournaments, and a Last Chance Qualifier leading to a Final for the top 16 players. 


Top 6 from this tournament will win a Qlash Experience during Playcon.


Players will qualify for the finals on a points basis depending on their positions in the tournament


Points for the first 8 tournaments will be:
1st place – 50 points
2nd place – 35 points 
3rd place – 20 points
4th place – 14 points
5th & 6th place – 8 points
7th & 8th place – 6 points
9th till 12th place – 4 points
13th till 16th place – 2 points


The top 15 players with most points will make it into the final


The last player will be the winner from the Last Chance Qualifier


Format of Tournaments

  • For the Qualifying tournaments, the players will be placed in 4 groups in a round robin format. Games of First to 2 will be played.
  • Top 4 from each group will pass to a double elimination format. Games of First to 3 will be played.
  • Prices for each tournament will be that of thropies for the top 3.
  • LCQ will be a double Elimination Tournament from the start with FT2 having the winner’s final, loser’s final and Grand final with FT3.    
  • Final Tournament will have 16 players in a double elimination format of FT2 having the winner’s final, loser’s final and Grand final with FT3.    



Final tournament (Minimum prices which may increase until the date)
1st – Trophy + €200
2nd – Trophy + €100
3rd – Trophy + €50
4th – 8th – Medals



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