The GO Malta Esports Festival 2018 - LoL Open


General Tournament

By signing up to this tournament all participants agree that they have read and accept all the rules

Tournament Format

(Depending on Number of Teams. For sure Group Stages and Double Elimination Brackets)

Player Eligibility

This tournament is open to players of any age and any nationality.

Players must have at least sixteen (16) champions available for gameplay.


Minimum & Maximum Players 

When registering for a tournament, team captains must select the minimum number of players 5 in this case to compete in the tournament. Team captains can choose any number of players as long as it more than 5 but the same player cannot be registered in an other team competing in the tournament.

Player Eligibility 

Only players listed on the Participants page are eligible to play in tournament matches. It is both team's responsibility to verify the eligibility of all players playing in the match prior to starting a match. By allowing the match to start, both teams agree that the players in the lobby are going to play the match and are allowed to participate in the whole match series, even if some of the players in the lobby are not listed on the participant page.

If the opposing team has an ineligible player present, you must tell the opposing team to replace that player with an eligible player. An eligible player has a maximum of ten (10) minutes to be changed. If the team does not substitute their ineligible player, do not start the match or allow the match to be started and contact a game admin immediately.


Teams are not permitted to use a pickup at any point in a match. A pickup is defined as someone who is not listed on the participant page.

Game IDs 

All Game IDs on a team’s roster must be valid. Spelling, spaces and characters must be exact, but do not need to be case sensitive.

Roster Lock 

User game ID's are stored when tournament brackets are generated, meaning that any changes made to a user's game ID after a tournament has started will not be reflected for that specific tournament. A team can only amend 2 players at time with a 6 day notice by contacting an admin as long as that player didn’t play or was registered with any specific team for the tournament.


The newest champion is not available for two weeks OR until a new champion is released, whichever comes first, during the time of the Tournament. This does NOT count towards the three (3) bans each team receives. If a team bans the new release champion, it will count towards one (1) of their three (3) bans for that game.


Match Delay

Matches must be played in their entirety unless a game admin tells them otherwise.

Teams must start joining the lobby 15 minutes prior the match time. If a team delays the start for longer than one minute they will forfeit that map.

Teams may not delay the match for more than 5 minutes between each map. If a team delays the start  for longer than 5 minutes with a maximum possible Admin given time of another 5 minutes, they will forfeit that map and if done repeatedly may face disqualification from the tournament.

Before a forfeit is given in all cases an admin must be contacted in order to give the final decision.

Incorrect Match Settings

It is the team’s responsibility to ensure that the match settings are as outlined above. If you notice that the host has the incorrect match settings, please contact the admin of what is wrong, ensuring that the scores, time, incorrect rules and the players in the lobby are clearly visible. Once a match has started it is automatically agreeable that both teams accepted the settings and other issues and should a team leave the game if will be marked as a forfeit loss for that map  and if done repeatedly may face disqualification from the tournament.

In the instance that the hosting team has the correct match settings and you leave the game before it is completed, the team that did not leave will receive the win for that map.

Player Disconnections

The match is to be paused and the disconnected player should attempt to reconnect. When the pause reaches the ten (10) minute limit, the match must be continued or forfeited unless otherwise stated by the game admin.


Players are allowed to pause as part of their allotted pause time per game. During any pause or stoppage.

Directed pause: Officials may pause a game at their discretion

Team pause: Each team gets a total of five (5) minutes’ pause time during a match for the following reason.

  1. An unintentional disconnection

  2. A hardware or software malfunction (e.g. monitor power or peripheral disability, game glitch)

  3. Physical interference with a player (e.g., broken chair)

In an extraordinary circumstance, players may ask tournament organisers for additional pause time after their five minutes have expired. In this case, the team must alert a referee and continue playing until the referee decides whether or not to grant the pause. At that point, granting the pause is at the sole discretion of the referee. If the official determines that a pause can’t resolve the issue in a reasonable period of time, the player’s team will have to continue playing.

Resuming the game: the pausing team can resume play whenever they want to.

Unauthorized pause: If a player pauses or unpauses a game without permission outside of their allotted pause time, or doesn’t resume the game within their allotted pause time, they’ll be subject to penalties according to the tournament rules

Player communication during stoppage: Unlike the LCS, players are allowed to discussgameplay or strategy with their teammates during a pause



Tournament code will be given before the start of the match.The home team is considered as the first pick.

The captain is responsible for giving the tournament code to all members of his team  in order for them to join the lobby.


The home team is considered as the first pick.The away team will be the first pick of the second match. In case of a tie the team that lost the second game will have the first pick.

Tournament code will be given before the start of the match.

The captain is responsible for giving the tournament code to all members of his team  in order for them to join the lobby.


The team coming from the loser bracket will have first pick in the first and third map while the team coming from the winner bracket will have first pick in the second and fourth map.

Tournament code will be given before the start of the match.

The captain is responsible for giving the tournament code to all members of his team  in order for them to join the lobby.


Match Result 

Both teams are responsible for reporting the result of a match. In the instance that only one team reports the match result, the result will automatically be confirmed after fifteen (15) minutes.

Disputed Result 

In the instance that both teams report conflicting results, the match will be placed into dispute and will be handled by an admin.


In the event of a dispute, both teams will be asked to provide evidence of their match victory. If neither team is able to provide evidence of their match victory, and admin will decide the outcome.


We have a zero tolerance policy for cheating. Players caught cheating, glitching or abusing in-game mechanics in any way will be permanently banned from future tournaments hosted by

Abusive Behaviour

Abusive behaviour towards staff members that are called into a match dispute will not be tolerated. The individual user and/or team violating this rule will be subject to a site wide ban. furthermore, Foul language is not permitted during a match, and can result in admins taking action against anyone not abiding by this rule.

ADMINS decision is final. reserves the right to change the above rules should the need be without giving prior notice.

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