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Tournament Info is excited to announce one of the minor tournament games for the upcoming event, namely, the extremely awaited Malta Cyber Series #4. An esport which is perhaps not the most reputable is that of Rocket League. If you've been following our news articles you'll see that we've covered it a few times. Constituting the basic elements and regulations of a beloved sport in a vehicular manner is all the gamer is. Its simplicity is the reason for its relative success. That's why the title will be included as a casual game available to everybody, a sort of a competitive stress-ball in a way. 


When it comes to the local scene, there isn't too much to comment about. Yet, we did include the game last year too. Last year, the tournament was team based and we'll probably stick to a similar format. Winners from the previous year include Project Eversio and Wolfgank eSports. It will be interesting to see if any of these teams return for the second year. 


Nonetheless, there will be a relaxed environment; laughs and jokes all-round to make it a much anticipated part of the schedule. Temporarily calming nerves, Rocket League will be a part of this year's event were aims to unite the community and together enjoy a weekend of gaming, bringing back old pros and inviting young players to the scene with an atmosphere of summer joy.



  1 - 3 Teams 4 - 5 Teams 6 - 7 Teams 8 - 15 Teams 16+ Teams
Total Medals & Trophy €175 €275 €400 €750
In addition, the winners will take home a Trophy and Medals


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