PS5 Price Finally Revealed - Showcase Recap!

PS5 Price Finally Revealed - Showcase Recap!

Thursday 17th September 2020, 06:18 | written by: Gabriel Sciberras

Sony did it, they released the prices for the PS5 and the community is blowing up with enthusiasm. The hour-long live stream took place last night on the Playstation YouTube channel - apart from the price, the release date and a bunch of new game trailers were shown off. Read on for a concise recap of the event! 

Game Trailers 

For the first 40 minutes or so of the event, game trailers were shown off, with many of them showing a great amount of gameplay. However, I would recommend checking out the individual trailers in order to watch them at a higher frame rate and resolution. 

  • Final Fantasy XVI - the first console exclusive listed at the event, and many were quick to point out the incredible-looking combat in the established series, with the trailer itself being rather epic. 
  • Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales - keeping up the taste of exclusives, the new Spider-Man game looks incredible. A long snippet of gameplay left the community buzzing as it looks great - the lighting, action sequences and design look super. 

  • Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy - this game was a massive surprise and it gave me goosebumps to the days when I'd play HP:Goblet of Fire on my PSP. Since then, we've been long overdue for an open world filled with the magic and mystery of the series, though no gameplay was shown. 
  • Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War - a small campaign update graced the show together with shocking news that a free Open Alpha will be available this weekend starting from 18th September! Otherwise, the campaign looks great. 

  • Resident Evil Village - not for the squeamish, the eighth iteration of the horror franchise set things up with an eerie environment and weird folklore. Beyond that, it's probably the cleverest naming of a game I've seen in a while. 
  • Deathloop - made by a smaller studio it seems, it looks to push the limits of time-travel in a shooter perspective. Coming out in 2021, it'll be great to see how the PS5 would push time-travel. 
  • Devil May Cry 5 - a new version will be available to make the most of the PS5's hardware
  • Oddworld:Soulstorm - more gameplay shining through for this odd game. 
  • Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach - nobody watching enjoyed the jump scare. 

  • Demon's Souls - the incredible remake by Bluepoint, the guys behind the Shadow of the Colossus remake too, looks really awesome. Offering a younger community the chance to explore an older gem, it'll be a massive part of the launch library. 
  • Fortnite - they just made to sure to let everybody know it'll be available on PS5 immediately.

Price, Release Date and Playstation Plus Collection

To round off the show, Sony specifically announced stuff pertaining to the PS5. To begin with, the 'Playstation Plus Collection' looks to provide owners with an incredible array of some of the most popular PS4 games ever to get you started in your next-gen experience in case you missed out on any. Better than the Xbox game pass? Well, it is a very wide variety of games. 

Anyways, then Sony announced the prices: 

  • PS5 Disc Edition - $499
  • PS5 Digital Edition - $399

And that's it - we finally have our numbers. That digital edition looks very persuasive and a great buy for anyone determined to buy digital games only. Also, for some reasons, Europeans are paying the most out of everybody. 

Pre-orders are open as of today, 17th September! After pre-ordering, you can expect your console to release on November 12th for North America, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea. Other countries such as Malta will enjoy a November 19th release date. 

Cheeky Sony - as soon as we thought no more games would be announced, they ended the stream with a teaser of God of War: Ragnarok! 

Did Sony Win? 

I don't know. In terms of games, sure. However, for some reason, Sony didn't show off the power of the PS5 or try to compare it to the Xbox Series X console. Either way, it's too early to consider a victor as there are other factors - such as quality of release and UIs. 

What did you guys think of the showcase? Any favourite games? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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