Playstation 5 Showcase September 16th - Our Expectations

Playstation 5 Showcase September 16th - Our Expectations

Wednesday 16th September 2020, 06:29 | written by: Gabriel Sciberras

It's finally here. Sony is letting the community know just that bit more about the Playstation 5 in an upcoming showcase taking place on September 16th. Read on for a quick preview, including our hopes and expectations for potentially, the reveal event of the year. 

That price. It's all anybody's been talking about, especially since the recent reveal of the Xbox Series S coming in at an incredible $299. Endless rumours and leaks have plagued the internet and everybody's mind, especially due to how loud and transparent Microsoft has been during this time. 

Why has Sony waited so long to reveal the price? 

Here's my take. Think about anything you might buy on a daily basis - before you buy anything, it's likely you'll be educated on the product in order to justify the price. I think here, Sony is waiting to show everyone the potential and features of the Playstation 5 before giving it a price tag. By giving a price tag before describing the product, it's one way to potentially set yourself up for failure and losing people's interest, especially those who look at the price only. 

What else do we expect? 

Besides the pressing matter of the price, here's what we expect from the showcase: 

  • Potential reveal of 2 versions of the console being available at launch 
  • An explanation on how Playstation Plus will function on next-gen 
  • A look into the computing potential of the PS5, especially compared to the Xbox One X Series 
  • More controller features 
  • Any surprise exclusive titles they've left for closer to launch 
  • Pre-order details and release date
  • Some awesome features Sony has been hiding from everybody 

Even though I probably won't be buying the console at launch as I'm a student, I'm still terribly excited. This will be Sony's official fully-fledged dive into the console war - everything needs to be perfect if they want to win. 

The stream will be available on Playstation's YouTube channel, September 16th 1pm PDT. 

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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